Social Security and What It Means for America’s Minorities

Cuts or harmful changes to Social Security benefits will have the biggest impact on American minorities, as they tend to rely on benefits to a greater extent.

There are several reasons why. First, minorities – particularly African Americans and Native Americans – experience disability, poverty and death rates higher than the norm in the United States. It follows then that they will be more likely to benefit from disability and survivorship benefits.

Second, minorities are also much less likely to have pension retirement benefits or other types of insurance that would help them through retirement or a major life event like a catastrophic accident or medical condition. Social Security benefits become their main source of financial support, as there is nowhere else to turn when disaster strikes for many American minorities.

A recent report entitled “Plan for a New Future: The Impact of Social Security Reform on People of Color” points out other important facts regarding minorities and Social Security, including:

  • Disability benefits are important for minorities particularly because a disproportionate number of them work in physically challenging jobs, so they are more likely to be severely injured at work or to die in a workplace accident
  • Latinos and Asian Americans live longer on average, so the cost of living adjustment is essential for them
  • By 2042, population projections have the United States as a country where no single ethnic group is dominant; the country will be a nation of minorities, in other words

What kind of an impact have Social Security benefits – whether retirement, disability, survivor or any other – had on your and your family’s life?

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