Social Security Administration Sites Top Amazon, Google

It might be hard for some to believe, but the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) tops Amazon and Google at least in one respect – a recent study on consumer satisfaction with these organizations’ websites. The survey ranked a group of government and private sector websites for their ability to handle e-commerce or online transactions. Some 270,000 participants used the websites, finding that two SSA sites had the highest scores amongst federal agencies.

The two SSA websites are the iClaim site and the retirement estimator site. iClaim is the SSA’s main site for anything pertaining to Social Security. Applicants can apply for retirement or disability benefits, fill out a disability report and check the status of their application, amongst other activities. The retirement estimator provides American workers with estimates of the benefits they will receive upon retirement down the line, depending on how much they expect to make and how long they expect to work. The SSA has been promoting its online services more and more, even running advertisements to alert people as to what is available online. Online services also help the SSA trim its costs.

Surprisingly, the SSA’s two sites ranked higher in the study than Amazon and Google, private sector companies known for providing exceptional customer service and ease of transactions. Have you made the switch to any of the Social Security Administration’s online services? If so, what has your experience been with the SSA’s services?

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