Social Security Adds Heart Conditions to Fast-Track List

In order to fast track disability applicants with particular disabilities, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) has a program called Compassionate Allowances, often referred to as CAL. Medical conditions that fall under CAL are so serious that the SSA recognizes their debilitating nature without applicants’ having to provide medical records and expert testimony to the extent that applicants have to for other conditions. Applicants with a condition on the CAL list receive benefits quickly. A Tulsa Social Security disability attorney is available to assist applicants with their disability benefits paperwork.

Started in 2008, CAL initially had 50 rare diseases and has now doubled to 100. In February, the SSA held a public hearing regarding adding cardiovascular conditions to the CAL list. Earlier in July, the SSA officially announced the addition of 12 such conditions to the CAL list, which could benefit many applicants, as cardiovascular conditions are one of the more prevalent kinds in the United States. A list of the new CAL heart conditions, as well as all other ones, is available on the SSA’s Compassionate Allowances website.

Hearings regarding CAL conditions are important and have led to the SSA making it easier for thousands of disability applicants suffering from rare and serious diseases. Past hearings have led to CAL additions regarding brain injuries and stroke, early onset Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, schizophrenia, organ transplants and autoimmune diseases.

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