Social Sec.: From Controversial to Near Universal Support

“Never in the history of the world has any measure been brought here so insidiously designed as to prevent business recovery, to enslave workers and to prevent any possibility of the employers providing work for the people.”

Did you think this was a quote from the recent debates surrounding Obamacare? In fact, the quote comes from a 1935 statement regarding passage of the Social Security Act, which instituted benefits for retired Americans and those whose loved ones passed away.

Just as much animosity surrounded other landmark legislative events like the expansion of Social Security into providing disability benefits and the creation of Medicare to provide healthcare for our nation’s senior citizens. We look at these programs much differently today in 2012 than at the time of their passage.

Social Security in general today enjoys wide spread support from conservatives and liberals alike. Here are some recent poll numbers regarding Social Security:

  • 90 percent of Americans 18 to 28 believe Social Security is important
  • Almost 80 percent over the age of 65 believe that Social Security is one of the very most important government programs
  • About half of non-retired adults would be willing to pay higher payroll taxes to ensure Social Security’s viability
  • Less than a fourth of Americans favor making significant cuts to Social Security and Medicare
  • Nearly two-thirds of Tea Party supporters said that significant cuts to Social Security would be unacceptable

It is worth noting that payroll taxes go towards the Social Security Trust Fund out of which the Social Security Administration pays both retirement benefits and disability benefits.

Social Security was controversial when FDR created it in 1935, but now that people have seen the support that it has provided Americans in need, few oppose it. Are you unable to work due to a severe injury or medical condition? Learn whether you can qualify for disability benefits by speaking to our knowledgeable Tulsa OK Social Security disability lawyers.

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