Senator Coburn Asks for Investigation into Adult Baby

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn is calling upon the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) to investigate the Social Security benefits that a man, whom the press refers to as an “adult baby,” and his caregiver receive. Information on eligibility for various Social Security benefits is available from a Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer.

30- year-old Stanley Thorton, Jr. hails from California and recently appeared on National Geographic’s TV show Taboo, which Senator Coburn happened to watch. Segments showed Thorton sleeping in a crib, wearing XXL diapers, sucking on a pacifier and drinking from a baby juice bottle. Thorton claims that the baby treatment helps him feel love, affection and safety.

Coburn and many others were skeptical that the man and his caregiver merited continuing benefits from the SSA at taxpayers’ expense. In his letter to the SSA’s investigative branch, Coburn mentioned how Thorton was able to dress himself and act appropriately in public, drive himself on errands, design and fabricate custom baby furniture for himself and run an internet support group.

Both Thorton and his caregiver have been collecting Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”), which provides disability benefits to individuals who fall below a certain income level. Thorton’s roommate is a former nurse. Senator Coburn believes both could work and, thus, should be ineligible to receive SSI benefits. A Tulsa Social Security disability attorney can help Social Security applicants distinguish between SSI and SSDI benefits.

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