Retirees and Disabled Workers Benefit from Healthcare Reform

Today we pick up from our discussion Monday about how healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) will help Social Security beneficiaries. Social Security’s budgetary concerns have been no stranger to the news, but healthcare reform should benefit the largest portions of the federal budget – Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security.

Recent predictions have Social Security retirement and survivor benefits running out of money in a few decades. Disability benefits may start being cut as early as 2017. With a few changes, however, these predictions may not be quite as dire as they often seem.

The ACA improves funding and healthcare service for Americans who use Medicare and Medicaid. Many Social Security disability beneficiaries also receive their health coverage through one of these two programs. More efficient Medicare and Medicaid combined with a focus on preventive care should reduce the numbers of Americans receiving disability benefits. Many disability beneficiaries are unable to work because they were unable to afford the preventive healthcare that would have kept their medical conditions from becoming serious afflictions in the first place.

Healthcare reform should also help boost the coffers of disability benefits. SSDI benefits come from payroll taxes. The ACA increases taxes on the most generous healthcare plans (so-called “Cadillac” insurance plans). Most experts expect companies to reduce these types of plans in favor of giving the extra money to employees in the form of salary increases. Increased salary means increased payroll taxes, which directly fund disability insurance as well as retirement and survivor benefits.

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