Receiving SSDI Disability Benefits Requires 2 Things

The Social Security Administration (“SSA”) reports that a 20-year-old worker has a 30 percent chance of suffering a disability before retiring. If you do suffer a severe injury that leads to disability, Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) benefits can provide financial assistance for you and your family as you may face tough times if you are unable to work. SSDI benefits are not easy to obtain, though. If you think you may be eligible for them, speak with an attorney at a Tulsa Social Security disability law firm. Here are the main requirements that you have to meet in order to receive SSDI benefits.

Work History

You must have worked enough to receive SSDI benefits, and the SSA provides a chart on its website for you to see whether you qualify. You earn one work credit for each $1,130 of income, and the most you can earn in any year is four. Between the ages of 31 and 61, you generally need the number of work credits that corresponds to your age minus 22, so a 52-year-old would require 30 work credits in order to begin receiving SSDI benefits.

Inability to Work

The SSA’s definition of “disabled” is stringent. Your disability must be so severe that you cannot perform any work for at least one year. Note that “any work” is as broad as it sounds. Even if your disability prevents you from working in your last job, if you can perform other work, perhaps work using a computer and sitting down, you will not be able to receive SSDI benefits.

Have you received SSDI benefits or are you currently receiving them? How long did it take you from the time you became disabled until you began receiving benefits?

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