What Questions Will I Be Asked When I Apply for Social Security Disability?

This week, we’re talking about the Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) waitlist and its effect on people who apply for benefits. On Monday, we shared the story of a woman who struggled to overcome the waitlist and made it through. Today we are going to talk about something that could help you get through the long line for benefits even faster.

When I Apply for Social Security Disability, What Questions Can I Expect?

Not a lot of people talk about this, but how you answer the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) questions can affect whether or not your SSDI claim is delayed. This means being prepared and having all the necessary documentation to prove your claim is a must. However, you can’t gather this info if you don’t know what questions will be asked of you, so here’s a breakdown.

The SSA Is Going to Ask You:

  • When did your condition become disabling? Your word won’t be enough for this one. Be prepared with evidence like a doctor’s report or medical records.
  • When did you stop working? Your last paystub, even a letter of resignation could be handy documentation to have when answering this question.
  • Who is your doctor and where do they practice? It’s real important that you don’t get this info wrong—it could cause major delays if you do. Confirm your doctor’s phone number, address, even their name, and be prepared to rundown the dates of your previous visits.
  • What medications do you take? These medicines confirm your condition, and like your doctor’s information, getting them wrong could cost you weeks and months on your application.
  • What tests have you undergone? Medical records, medical records, medical records. Use your medical records to confirm the tests you’ve taken. We can’t emphasize how important these records are when dealing with the SSA.
  • What’s your marital status? Expect some questions about your spouse, what they do, and other pertinent information. That includes dependents, children and information about your assets.

Applying for Social Security Disability is a complicated process, and a slight slip up could mean months when it comes to getting approved. That’s why it’s important to start the process out right, and consulting a Tulsa disability attorney at the beginning of your application can only keep you on the right track. To learn more about SSDI, and the issues that affect people with disabilities, keep following our blog, Twitter and Facebook.


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