Programs Help Disabled Workers Transition Back into Work

Many criminal instances of fraud involving Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) or Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) benefits involve beneficiaries who continue to work while receiving disability benefits. While, in most cases, disability beneficiaries should not be working while also claiming to be disabled, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) does offer programs, like the “Ticket to Work” one, which enable people to transition back into the work force.

A “Ticket to Work” provides disability beneficiaries a literal ticket in the mail that they can use with certain employment networks that the beneficiary chooses. These networks provide many resources to disabled workers hoping to return to work. The networks offer career counseling, job search help and job training, amongst other resources. A Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer can provide more information to disability beneficiaries about returning to work.

In exchange for exploring work options, applicants receive other benefits from the government. When they make such employment efforts, the government may put their medical reviews on hold, for example, so that they can continue to have Medicare coverage even if they stop receiving SSDI benefits. There are certain amounts that a beneficiary can make while transitioning back into work while continuing to receive some disability benefits. The eventual goal is for the beneficiary to return to work and make more money than he or she would be receiving from SSDI or SSI. More details on the “Ticket to Work” program are available from a Tulsa Social Security disability attorney.

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