Has the President Broken His Promise to Protect Social Security?

The Huffington Post recently featured an article that analyzed President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. Specifically, the article focused on whether President Trump has broken his promise to protect Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

Is the President Failing to Keep His Promise to Protect Social Security?

Per the report in The Huffington Post, there are five campaign promises regarding Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that POTUS may have already broken in his first 100 days:

  1. Failing to weigh-in on criticism from his own party and administration regarding the Social Security system. President Trump repeatedly called out members of his own party during his campaign for supporting cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. However, since being elected, he no longer defends the Social Security system when fellow Republicans or members of his own administration attack it.
  2. Naming a Health and Human Services Secretary who is “anti-Medicare”. President Trump’s appointed Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has been vocal in criticizing Medicare, including saying that the program needs to end.
  3. Appointing a Director of the Office of Management and Budget who is “anti-Social Security”. Like Tom Price, President Trump’s appointee for Budget Director is well-known for his support of cuts to Medicare and Social Security.
  4. Backing the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare). Trumpcare would reportedly raid Medicare’s budget to the tune of $117 billion dollars. In addition, Trumpcare would gut Medicaid, cutting its budget by almost a trillion dollars.
  5. Including the Social Security Administration in a months-long hiring freeze. President Trump instituted a federal hiring freeze after taking office that included the Social Security Administration. Years of budget cuts had already weakened the SSA and its ability to help beneficiaries. The hiring freeze hurt the SSA even more, forcing them to turn away beneficiaries seeking help at understaffed field offices.

Who Is Fighting to Protect Social Security Disability and the Disabled Community?

In the following video, Tulsa disability attorney Gayle Troutman discusses the Social Security disability system and why she is driven to help people with disabilities and their families.

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