Why Are Some People’s Social Security Benefits Disappearing?

Bag with benefitsA company was managing around $51,000 worth of Social Security funds for a woman with mental disabilities. Then the company suddenly closed, and now this woman’s caretakers are frantically searching for her now missing money. Can the money be found? Was this company a scam? Were there other victims?

Why Are Some People’s Social Security Benefits Disappearing?

The company—Crossroads, Inc.—helped manage the Social Security funds of beneficiaries who don’t have the ability to manage their benefits themselves. This business had a direct line to the Social Security Administration, but as of late June, that line seems to be dead.

If you go to the front door of the Crossroads, Inc. office, you’ll find a sign that says “closed.” It also directs people to go to the Social Security office on West Cary Street in Richmond, Virginia if they are looking for their benefits check. The only problem is that the office only has beneficiaries’ most recent check.

All back funds that were being managed by Crossroads, Inc. have disappeared without a trace. This development has caused hundreds of people to descend on the Social Security office on W. Cary Street. They want their benefits check for July, and answers about the company that used to manage their funds. However, officials have no answers.

Is There Anything The Social Security Administration Can Do?

The account Social Security used to deliver funds to the company has been closed, and nobody related to the company has answered their phones in weeks. The police have opened an investigation, while victims wait for answers. Many fear that the money could be gone for good.

The woman who’s missing $51,000 in benefits has a caretaker who has taken up her cause. But many people who relied on Crossroads don’t have that protection. Your Tulsa disability attorneys want to remind you to take extra precautions when handling your loved one’s benefits. This incident may have happened in Virginia, but it could just as easily happen here in Oklahoma. Stay informed and follow our blog, Twitter and Facebook and learn how to avoid scams that could take advantage of your Social Security benefits.

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