How Do People with Disabilities Find Accessible Housing?

Business woman with neck pain. Focus on hand on neck with blurred monitor on table in background.Living with a disability can make common everyday chores difficult, but there are ways to deal with these obstacles. Adaptive tools and furnishings around the house often make difficult living situations accessible. However, finding housing that accommodates people with disabilities can be difficult. This is why knowing where to turn can be a valuable resource.

Is There Accessible Housing Available in Oklahoma?

In Norman, there is an apartment complex called Cottonwood. Unlike other apartment buildings, this place is special for its attention to the needs of its residents. After teaming up with Thunderbird Clubhouse to help provide housing for people recovering from mental illness, one of the owners of Cottonwood decide to expand its housing for people with physical disabilities.

This involved the renovation of seven units to meet the accessibility standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. So now, several residents have accessible features like zero-threshold showers, sink faucets on the front of their sinks and living space open enough to allow a person in a wheelchair the ability to move around without bumping into things. These features can be hard to come by when it comes to finding housing that is accessible, which is one of the reasons Cottonwood is so special.

How Can People with Disabilities Find Accessible Housing?

Progressive Independence is another organization that the owners of Cottonwood worked with. This non-profit helped the Cottonwood complex develop its accessible units, it also helped find people to live in them. That’s because Progressive Independence helps enable independent living for people with disabilities. The organization even has access to a list of accessible apartment complexes all over central Oklahoma.

Other state programs like Metro State Housing and Oklahoma Health Care have resources not only to help people with disabilities find a home, but to help them modify their current homes as well. To find out about more disability service for Oklahomans in need, keep following the Tulsa disability attorneys at Troutman & Troutman—dedicated to helping Oklahoma’s file the benefits claims they need.

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