Orlando Doctor Faces Federal Charges for Disability Fraud

An Orlando, Florida doctor may never practice medicine again after a 25-year career due to his alleged involvement in defrauding the Social Security Administration (“SSA”). A federal grand jury indicted Dr. Miguel Burgos in mid-June for his role in a scheme involving a friend and the friend’s wife. For more details on Social Security disability requirements, a Tulsa Social Security disability attorney is available to provide guidance.

Dr. Burgos hired a friend and the friend’s wife to handle the bookkeeping at the doctor’s medical practice. The doctor knew that his friend was collecting Social Security disability benefits. Generally, those receiving disability benefits may not work in a full time capacity. There are exceptions, however, including work incentives that permit disability beneficiaries to return to work on a trial basis. If a beneficiary’s income exceeds a certain amount a month, usually around $1,000, his or her SSDI benefits may cease. A Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer is available to advise disability applicants on this area of disability law.

For the Orlando doctor, in order to get around the fact that his friend was on SSDI, the doctor paid the friend’s wife all of the money. That move helped the friend continue to receive disability benefits while still taking in money through work. The friend has already plead guilty in the scheme and agreed to pay back $100,000. Authorities expect him to testify against the doctor, who expects to fight the charges.

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