Online Social Security Services Make Applying Easier

Actress Patty Duke’s birthday was on December 14. While most of us celebrate our birthdays with cakes and family and friends, Duke, a longtime spokeswoman for the Social Security Administration (“SSA”), did something else – she applied online for Social Security and Medicare benefits. Her promotion of the SSA’s online services appears on the SSA’s website with Duke proclaiming, “I retired online at home in my pajamas. You can too!” Her SSA YouTube video shows her and her husband walking through the benefits application process, entirely online.

While Duke is specifically promoting applying for retirement benefits online, the SSA offers a number of online services to make things easier for disability benefits applicants as well. The initial application is available entirely online so that you do not have to travel to your nearest Social Security office.

For those already receiving disability benefits, they can perform the following actions online:

  • Confirm contact information, direct deposit information and benefits information that the Social Security has on file
  • Request Social Security benefits statements
  • Change contact information
  • Sign up for or change direct deposit information (receiving benefits electronically can prevent banks from freezing your account, as we discussed Monday)
  • Block certain private information that the SSA keeps about you

Additionally, for those with internet access, the SSA has its own channel on YouTube, which contains helpful information for those interested in learning more. There are videos that answer basic questions concerning Social Security, videos in Spanish, videos about using online services and videos depicting real people that Social Security benefits have helped.

The SSA has made a big push recently to provide more, easy-to-use online services. Have you used any of the Social Security Administration’s online services for your benefits?

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