Oklahoma’s Former First Lady Honored by Foundation for the Disabled

On June 4th, the former first lady of Oklahoma will be honored with the Compassionate Citizen of the Year Award by the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled. Donna Nigh will be honored for her work helping developmentally disabled Oklahomans, and the charitable work done by her foundation.

The Donna Nigh Foundation helps Oklahomans with developmental disabilities by providing adaptive equipment and assisting organizations that also help the disabled. They provide grants to individuals who struggle with day-to-day tasks, mobility, and recreational activities. They also award grants to organizations that provide environmental and recreational adaptations, education, and equipment to help those in need. To learn more about their efforts, visit their website at http://occf.org/nighfoundation/.

“Donna Nigh gives voice to thousands of disabled persons and their families through her efforts to shed light on a segment of our population that goes largely unnoticed. Our cause needs more advocates like Mrs. Nigh, and we think by recognizing her lifelong commitment to disabled citizens others may rise to the occasion,” says the executive director of the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled.

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Source: http://newsok.com/oklahoma-foundation-for-the-disabled-to-honor-donna-nigh/article/5420542

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