Oklahoma is the Fourth Most Dangerous State For Employees

TIME Magazine recently ran a story titled The Most Dangerous States to Work in America—And the Most Dangerous Jobs to Have in Them, which listed states ranked by their workplace-injury rates.

According to TIME, the data used for the article was collected from 2011 U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, detailing the most dangerous industries by locations based on the rates of injuries that are serious enough to involve ‘days of job transfer or restriction’.

Oklahoma ranked fourth, in a tie with Connecticut, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin and Alabama, with 0.9 cases of injury or illnesses per 100 workers. Maine was first with a 1.4 rate, Indiana was second with a 1.1 rate and California was third with a 1.0 rate. The most dangerous jobs fields were occupations relating to amusement parks/arcades, animal slaughtering and processing, beverage manufacturing, foundries and nursing care facilities.

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