Obama Administration Implements New Disability Hiring Policy

According to DisabilityScoop, President Barack Obama is moving forward with a regulation to urge companies doing business with the federal government to increase the number of employees hired with disabilities.

Under the plan, companies doing business with the federal government would be expected to ensure that people with disabilities make up at least 7 percent of their workforce. If this goal is met, it could open up as many as 585,000 jobs in the next year.

The Obama administration insists that the rule is not meant to establish a quota, but a goal that contractors would be expected to work toward. Under the rule, contractors with at least 50 workers would have to take steps to recruit, train and document disabled employees, much like they are required to do for women and minorities.

Previously, there was a “good faith” effort by contractors, according to DisabilityScoop. “The need [for disabled hiring] is clear,” Patricia Shiu, director of the Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs told the website.

Under the plan, contractors who fail to achieve a 7 percent goal would need to reevaluate their practices and provide documentation showing they worked to meet their goal. If a contractor continually failed to meet the goal, it could lose its contract.

Many human resource organizations oppose the plan, with the HR Policy Association saying it is thinking about legal action. “Simply mandating a numerical ‘goal’ for all jobs in all contractors’ workplaces and then requiring employers to invade the privacy of applicants and employees with questions about their physical and mental condition destroys everything companies have done to integrate individuals with disabilities into the workforce in a sensitive, discreet manner,” Daniel V. Yager, of the HR Policy Associated said to DisabilityScoop.

The requirements are expected to be published in the Federal Register soon and will go into effect within the next six months.

We applaud any initiative that attempts to find gainful employment for citizens. Nevertheless, in some cases, people with disabilities are simply unable to work, leaving them eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

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