Nine Claim Mental Disabilities All While Selling Cars

Mental disabilities can be some of the more difficult afflictions for which disability applicants attempt to receive Social Security benefits. Often difficult to diagnose and pinpoint, they are not always readily apparent. Unfortunately, people who take advantage of these ambiguities make it more difficult for true sufferers of mental disabilities when the latter applies for disability benefits. Additional information on the disability application process is available from a Tulsa Social Security disability attorney.

In Seattle, federal prosecutors indicted nine people who received over $700,000 for filing for disability benefits based on false mental disability claims. The defendants claimed that they suffered from mental disabilities while they all continued to work in selling cars. The group allegedly used a mix of fake disabilities, fraudulent Social Security numbers and drivers’ licenses and false assets to obtain the government funds.

One of the suspects, 50 year-old Ronnie George, wrote on his Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) application that he was so mentally disabled that he could not read or write, drive a car or feed or clean himself. The government believes that he was selling cars and RVs while he received SSI disability benefits for his fraudulent mental disability. A Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer can advise disabled workers as to how they can legitimately apply for and obtain disability benefits.

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