What Do I Need to Know Before Applying for Disability Benefits?

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Applying for disability benefits is a very complex process. To have any hope of securing disabilities benefits, people with disabilities must be fully prepared prior to submitting an application. Social Security benefits applicants who do not have the documents and other information they need to provide ready when they apply for benefits are certain to be denied.

What Information Do I Need to Include in My Benefits Application?

Per the Social Security Administration’s website, before you apply for Social Security disability benefits, you must have the following documents and information ready:

  • Medications – The names of any medications you are taking and the dosage.
  • Treatment history – This includes the names of any doctors, caseworkers, therapists, clinics and hospitals that have treated your disability, including the dates of your visits.
  • Employment information – You will need to provide information about where you worked and what type of work you did. In addition, the SSA will need your most recent W-2 and/or federal tax return.
  • Medical test results – The SSA will require you to provide the results of laboratory tests that you have undergone.

In the following video, Tulsa disability attorney Gayle Troutman explains what happens when you apply for disability benefits in Oklahoma.

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