Myths About Social Security Disability

We like to defend the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program from unwarranted attacks, as most are the result of political wrangling. Photo of courthouse

In some cases, politicians and those in the media accuse the Social Security Administration (SSA) of being lackadaisical when it comes to granting benefits, or they claim that recipients are lazy. This is because many people have an agenda when they discuss government programs. However, most of the time, the information being presented is untrue.

SSDI Benefits are Often Denied, and Recipients Live Modestly

One of the biggest myths we see propagated is that SSDI replaces most of a person’s income or that it allows people to live a carefree lifestyle—this is simply untrue.

Most SSDI recipients live modestly. This year, the SSA has paid an average monthly disability benefit of $1,165 to recipients. This is not much money when you account for housing payments, food and other living expenses. The idea that you hit the jackpot when you collect SSDI is not realistic. The program is a safety net for the disabled, not a get rich scheme.

Another claim our Tulsa disability attorneys hear is that it is easy to receive SSDI and that some recipients are getting benefits fraudulently. Again, this is not true. A study by the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities last year estimated that fraud constitutes less than 1 percent of SSDI paid benefits. In fact, most SSDI applications are denied, as about 33 percent of all applications received during the 2013 FY were not approved.

Another thing people forget is that documented medical evidence is usually required for claims. This means that people going through the application and appeals process must provide the SSA with credible records and documentation from their healthcare providers.

Learn the Truth about SSDI

We could go on in great length about the many myths surrounding SSDI. Just know that if you are unable to work and your condition is expected to last longer than 12 months, you may be eligible for benefits. Because so many claims are denied, it is important for those appealing a decision to work with an attorney.

Contact our Tulsa Social Security lawyers today and let us review your case, determining the best way to move forward with a claim. For more information about the SSDI process, you can visit our FAQ page.

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