More Arrests Made in Ongoing NYC Fraud Case

According to the Wall Street Journal, more New York City police officers and firefighters were charged last week in the alleged Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) fraud scheme that authorities have said involves up to 1,000 claimants.

The Journal reported that investigators have arrested 28 people in multiple states, which is the second large-scale arrest roundup in the past seven weeks. In January, more than 100 people, mostly NYPD officers and city firefighters, were arrested.

In last week’s arrests, 16 people were New York Police Department officers, four were members of the Fire Department of New York, one had worked at both agencies, one worked at the Department of Correction and six held other jobs, according to the Journal.

“Congressional scrutiny of the SSDI program has ramped up in recent months after several large criminal cases have exposed what some lawmakers believe are large lapses in the system allowing people to obtain benefits who might not meet all the requirements,” the Journal reported. “In August, federal and local authorities arrested more than 70 people in Puerto Rico on charges related to disability fraud.”

According to media reports, some defendants received as much as $50,000 per year through SSDI and other funding sources, as they claimed they were no longer able to work due to the trauma caused by the 9/11 attacks.

Individuals who attempt to cheat the SSDI system by receiving payments they do not qualify for should be punished in criminal court. Hopefully, the amount of attention this case is getting will dissuade people from committing disability fraud.

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