More and More Social Security Services are Online for People

As the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) moves to provide more and more services online, American workers may not be aware of all that they can do through the SSA’s website. In fact, applicants can complete most Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) steps entirely online. By working closely with an experienced Tulsa Social Security disability attorney, applicants can avoid trips to local SSA officers and long waits.

For the initial stages of the SSDI process, you can perform the following tasks online:

  • Identify what SSA benefits you may be eligible to apply for
  • Apply for disability benefits, which includes forms that medical providers need to complete to certify your disability
  • Check the status of your disability benefits application (not available for Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) benefits though)
  • Start the appeals process, which includes forms to send in additional information about your disability to help in the appeals review

For applicants already receiving benefits, there are also a number of convenient, online services available, such as:

  • Change contact information like an address or telephone number
  • Receive summary statements and proof of income letters that verify that benefits that you receive
  • Change privacy settings so that no one can view or change your personal information online or via a telephone service

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