Missouri Man Involved in Social Security Disability Fraud Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

A man from Independence, Missouri, has received sentencing for his involvement in a Social Security disability fraud scheme that swindled the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Department of Treasury out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to The Examiner, a jury convicted Charles Daniel Koss, 63, on five counts in February 2013. These counts include Social Security disability fraud, mail fraud and the theft of government money.

In 1987, Koss began receiving disability payments for a myoneural disorder and hypertension. However, between September 1994 and January 2010, the court found him guilty of receiving Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) payments while actively running a mortgage brokerage firm he began operating in 1994. During this time, he did not attempt to notify the SSA of the income he gained from working at his real estate business.

U.S. District Court Judge Brian C. Wimes is ordering Koss to repay the amount of money the court found him to owe the government for these payments, which totals $212,987. In addition to this restitution, the judge sentenced Koss to serve seven years in a federal prison.

Individuals who attempt to cheat the SSDI system by receiving payments they do not or no longer qualify for will be caught and receive punishment for their actions in a court of law. This type of fraud is unfortunate, and hurts individuals with disabilities who need these benefits.

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