Mining, Logging Are Two Industries With High Injury Rates

Looking at a map of the country in terms of Social Security disability beneficiaries, a pattern immediately appears – the areas with the largest population of people on disability benefits are those that are less urban. In the country’s largest metropolitan areas, a low number of its residents receive disability benefits (usually below 3.5 percent). In more rural areas, on the other hand, the number of residents receiving disability benefits reaches 25 percent in some cases.

Unsurprisingly, the highest percentages appear in those places with the most dangerous jobs in the country. The areas surrounding the Appalachian Mountains, for example, have a large proportion of their residents receiving disability benefits. There is a particularly high concentration in the area where West Virginia, Kentucky and Virginia meet, an area where coal mining is an important industry. Areas where the logging industry is prevalent also lead to a larger number of residents receiving disability benefits than in other parts of the country.

Another area of the country where disability benefits are important is the Ozark Mountains, which cover portions of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Logging and mining work in this area has led to a large number of its residents receiving disability benefits.

In terms of the percentage of working adults receiving disability benefits, West Virginia, Arkansas and Kentucky are the top three states in the country. Oklahoma comes in at number 10, with just shy of 6 percent of its residents receiving disability benefits. Additional details on disability benefits are available from a Tulsa SSI lawyer.

Are you receiving disability benefits, or did you in the past at some point? What sort of work were you doing that lead to an injury?

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