Medical Reviews Are No Cause for Panic

We mentioned in Wednesday’s post that when the Social Security Administration (SSA) transitions your disability benefits to retirement benefits, you no longer have to submit to periodic medical reviews. Of course, many people receiving disability benefits are years from retirement age, so it is helpful to understand just what is required of you for a medical review by the SSA.

  • Most individuals will undergo a medical review every three years, though for some the reviews are only once every seven years
  • Depending on the situation, nature of your disability or your location, this interview might be done over the telephone or face-to-face.
  • You will be required to present an update on any medical records you have, including doctors’ visits, activities or other information that could be relevant.

If the SSA believes there to be documented proof of improvement, they may decide that you no longer qualify for disability benefits. However, as in the initial application process, you do have the right to appeal this decision.

If you have lost your disability benefits from the SSA or have questions regarding a medical review, contact a Tulsa, Oklahoma Social Security disability attorney to understand your options. An attorney can help you walk through each step to ensure that you continue to receive the benefits you need. Contact us today; we offer free consultations and can also be reached by phone at (918) 587-0050.

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