Lots of Blame to Go Around for Potential Disability Cuts

The impasse in recent weeks over the budget deficit has Americans mad. President Obama warned of military service members, disability beneficiaries and federal employees not getting their checks if something is not worked out soon. Many disability beneficiaries could be in dire trouble if their checks were to stop. Let us know below how a cut in disability benefits would impact your lifestyle.

Letters to the editor and newspaper comments across the country reveal a range of suggestions. One called the potential cuts “alarming” and suggested we should be spending more money on our problems here in the United States than abroad. Another noted that there has not been any discussion of ending special Congressional sessions. Evidently cutting those is where Congress draws the line.

Other comments blame lobbying for the impasse. Politicians, people claim, are seeking to appease corporations and influential organizations, while everyday Americans wonder how they can eat and pay rent if benefits cuts come about. Many commented how benefits fail to keep up with the rising price of items anyways, so a reduction to zero would be catastrophic for many beneficiaries.

Finally, some blame our bureaucracies. Medical and administrative costs in the United States run higher than many other countries. Instead of money going towards benefits and helping people, some claim that too much goes to the systems that administer programs and provide the benefits. Where do you put the blame for our debt problems and potential benefits cuts?

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