Legislators Closer to Reaching a Budget Compromise, May Avert Shutdown

According to CNN, dealmakers in Washington are working hard to avoid a government shutdown. With a deadline looming at the end of the week, both parties hope to settle budget issues and pass spending legislation to avert a major U.S. government shutdown. Social Security Administration’s Commissioner had expressed concerns over such a shutdown and how it would affect millions of Americans patiently waiting on their monthly Social Security Disability Insurance payments.

President Barack Obama said that both sides are close to reaching a compromise. Senator Chuck Schumer, the third-ranking Democrat in Senate, said that Republicans and Democrats are at the doorstep of a deal. Meanwhile, House Speaker John Boehner said that he is not preparing for a government shutdown.

Boehner said that it would end up costing more if the deal fell through because of contract interruptions. The idea of a government shutdown is troubling and it would bring more problems than help. Also, the Speaker said that Senate should focus on reaching a deal and not trying to close the government’s doors.

The current funding measure will keep the government running until April 8. The legislation currently under debate would fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year. Earlier this week, Republicans and Democrats found a way to compromise on a $33 billion federal spending slash, but there are still differences where to make those said cuts.

Agencies such as Social Security Administration serve the public and millions of Americans rely on monthly disability payments to pay their bills. Cutting the budget, shutting the government or forcing delays in processing new claims or payments would severely affect the American public.

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