Do You Know What The Ticket To Work Program Is?

Photo of people workingGovernment officials and politicians are constantly looking for ways to help the SSDI system support the ever expanding numbers of people enrolling. One of their solutions is trying to help people with disabilities discover that they are far more useful to the workforce than they realize.

Do You Know What The Ticket To Work Program Is?

The Ticket to Work program is a special career development and support system operated by the Social Security Administration. It helps people with disabilities get jobs and reenter the workforce without putting their Medicaid or Medicare in danger.

How Does Ticket To Work Help People With Disabilities?

The program offers several career building options—like working with private employment counselors, getting résumé building tips, and access to employment networks that could help you find a job—which could lead you to a new career. The best part is that the program is designed to work without endangering your SSDI benefits.

How Are Your Social Security Benefits Protected?

While on the Ticket to Work program, you still have access to your disability benefits while searching for a job, and once you’re employed, you will continue to have your benefits until your work earnings reach a certain level. However, just because you reach a level where your benefits stop doesn’t mean you will have to fight it out in court to get them back if your disabilities make it impossible to continue your new job. The Ticket to Work program has a fast track procedure to help you quickly restart your benefits if your new job doesn’t work out.

This is one of the many solutions the government is working on to make SSDI more available to those who need it, and it is the perfect opportunity to prove that no disability can keep you down. For more info visit the Social Security Administration website, and keep following our blog to learn even more about your Social Security disability options.

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