Increase in Social Security Disability Benefits Applications

The number of people signing up for Social Security Disability Benefits is rising sharply nationally. This could be a direct result of the number of people who are losing their jobs and have lost hope that finding employment in the near future is a possibility.

With the loss of income comes the loss of medical insurance, and being approved for disability benefits will take care of this problem, too.

It’s not easy to get approved for Social Security Benefits. It can often be a slow and frustrating process. It’s set up this way on purpose, according to Johnson City Lawyer Tony Seaton. The process prevents the possibility that anyone with a minor ailment apply for benefits.

In Johnson City alone, the number of people applying for Social Security Disability benefits has risen 34.5% since 2007, according to the Johnson City Office of the Social Security Administration. The number of applicants is at an all time high.

The internet also makes it easier for people to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. People only have to go to the website of the Social Security Administration and they can apply online. But that’s when the easy part of the process ends.

The medical condition will have to be verified to the satisfaction of the Social Security Disability Administration, often through extensive medical exams and most certainly through the examination of past medical records.

Attorney Seaton advises anyone thinking about applying for Social Security Disability Benefits to have their medical history records ready. Make sure they are complete and in order.

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