Importance of a Disability Benefit Applicant’s Work History

In order to determine eligibility for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) uses a multi-step process. Several of the SSA’s goals are to determine whether an applicant is working, how disabled he or she is and whether the applicant might be able to perform another type of work. Disabled Americans considering filing for SSDI or SSI may wish to consult a Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer before beginning the process.

Work history is one of the first things that an SSA employee examines about an applicant, starting with present employment status. Generally, if applicants currently make more than $1,000 a month, they will not be eligible for disability benefits.

SSA staff will then examine an applicant’s work history and weigh the disabilities from which the applicant is suffering. The SSA will consider how much mobility and other physical movement an applicant’s past work requires, as well as other factors like the type of work conditions and what type of tasks the disability might impact. For example, a construction worker who is unable to walk unassisted would not likely be able to return to working on construction sites.

If an applicant cannot return to his or her original line of work, the SSA will consider how likely other alternatives are. It will consider factors like education, skills from past jobs and age to determine whether an applicant is suitable for another type of work. Additional details on how a disability applicant’s work history impacts his or her application for SSDI or SSI benefits are available from a Tulsa Social Security disability attorney.

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