How Does SSDI Protect the American Workforce?

On Monday, we discussed how experts believe there has been a rise in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims due to states cutting workers’ compensation benefits. Photo of piggy bank

With this in mind, recently, the Maryville Daily Forum had an editorial that detailed how SSDI helps working Americans. The piece claims that the SSDI program is perhaps the most misunderstood federal program in the country, as some people believe recipients “have never worked and are taking advantage of the system by receiving money for minor impairments.”

However, this is simply untrue. “Social Security disability beneficiaries are some of the most severely impaired people in the country, and they greatly depend on their benefits,” the Forum noted.

Additionally, the program helps the American workforce by allowing some recipients to participate in programs returning them to work periodically, or entirely, when their disabilities improve. “[W]ork incentives include continued cash benefits for a period of time while you work, continued Medicare or Medicaid coverage, and help with education, training and rehabilitation to start a new line of work,” the Daily Forum reported.

The news source also noted how the Social Security Administration offers the Ticket to Work program, which allows SSDI recipients to access employee networks, providing them with job search materials and placement.

Am I Eligible for SSDI Benefits?

For information about SSDI, including eligibility requirements, you can visit our FAQ page. Keep in mind, in order to obtain benefits, you must show that your disabilities are expected to last for longer than a year.

We are happy that there are outlets willing to address the misconceptions of SSDI. The program truly is a financial backbone for many Americans, and it contributes tremendously to the economy.

If you have questions about your SSDI eligibility, speak to our Tulsa Social Security lawyers by calling (918) 587-0050.

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