How Can I Speed Up My Disability Claim?

Can you collect Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) if you have a rare disease? The answer is yes—and you may be eligible for an expedited application depending on your condition, through the Compassionate Allowances program (CAL).

The CAL program currently has over 225 severe medical conditions, which can be used to expedite the application process. About 200,000 people have received benefits through the program since it started in 2008.

Recently, an Oregon man turned to a newspaper to help speed up his disability application, which resulted in his local Social Security office fast tracking his application.

The man, who suffers from an autoimmune disorder of the spinal cord known as transverse myelitis told the Salem Statesman Journal that the illness has left him paralyzed from his breastbone down to his feet, leaving him unable to work.

After his battle went public, and he let the newspaper know that he was behind on his rent, the Social Security Administration’s regional office in Seattle said that it expedited his claim, which is currently being processed.

How Do I Fast Track My SSDI Claim?

The average wait time for a SSDI hearing can take several months, depending upon a person’s location and disability, which is why the CAL program is important for people needing immediate assistance. Earlier this year, the Chicago Tribune reported that 95 percent of CAL applicants are awarded benefits, while the 5 percent who are not received expedited appeals.

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