How Can I Get a New Social Security Number?

Recently, we have reported in our blog about instances of data breaches and identity theft that are plaguing companies, allowing Social Security numbers to be made available to the public. Photo of Social Security cards

With this in mind, CBS News had a useful story about what to do if your identification is stolen and how you can attempt to seek a new Social Security number. According to the news outlet, in most cases, you will not be able to obtain a new number—only in situations where you can prove an undue hardship would the Social Security Administration (SSA) grant your request.

There are five instances when you can qualify for a new number. According to CBS News, these include when:

  • There is a continuing threat of abuse of your number
  • More than one person was assigned the same number
  • There is a possibility of harassment, abuse or danger in your life (this can occur in domestic violence situations)
  • Sequential numbers assigned to family members are causing problems, including theft
  • There are religious or cultural objections to certain numbers or digits in your number

It should be noted that if you do receive a new number, it could result in issues with your credit reports, employment information and medical records.

Experiencing Issues with Your Social Security Number?

It may be wise to speak to a local SSA representative if you believe that your number has been compromised. Additionally, you should check your credit reports if you have concerns about your identity being stolen. Remember, if you spot something erroneous on your credit reports, you can let the credit agencies know and potentially have it removed.

Our attorneys represent disabled people attempting to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). We like to share information with the public that pertains to the agency. If you need assistance with the SSDI application or appeals process, speak to our Tulsa disability lawyers.

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