Helping Your Child Apply for SSDI Benefits

Children are eligible for SSDI benefits, including children with disabilities, but it would be a parent’s responsibility to apply for such benefits on behalf of their child. It makes it easier to process a claim if correct and detailed information is provided to support the claim.

A parent applying for a child’s SSSDI benefits should have the following information available:

  • The child’s Social Security number and birth certificate
  • The parent’s Social Security number

In addition, the Social Security Administration needs detailed information in order to make a decision on your child’s disability benefits. You can help by providing the following:

Your child’s medical condition and as much information possible to describe the condition(s).

Dates of visits to doctors or hospitals, patient account numbers for any doctors and hospitals, and any other information valuable in obtaining medical records. You do not need to provide copies of the actual medical records as SSA requests them from the doctor. You can provide copies of any letters or reports in your current possession.

If you are applying for SSI and SSDI at the same time, provide records that show your income and resources, as well as those of your child, if any.

The Social Security Administration asks for your to describe your child’s disability and how it affects his or her ability to function. Additional helpful information to determine disability benefits includes names of teachers and day care providers who assist in day-to-day support. You can provide the child’s school records to support your child’s claim.

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