Helping the Disabled Return to Work Gets a Federal Boost

Disabled workers face a rougher economy than other Americans when looking for work. Whether we are in tough times like now or the economy is booming, disabled workers hoping to return to work face discrimination and higher unemployment rates. They may have been disabled for years, which leads to a loss of job skills and certifications that are often necessary to keep pace with change. To combat these challenges that the disabled face, the Department of Labor just made a large investment of more than $21 million to help disability beneficiaries return to work.

Unfortunately, those federal funds will not be coming to Oklahoma, but they will go to benefit a number of other states – nine states that had received funding before and will be continuing, and then seven new ones.

The agencies within the Department of Labor that will be helping states administer the funds are the Employment and Training Administration and the Office of Disability Employment Policy. Both of these play important roles in helping disabled workers get the training and resources they need to transition back into the work force.

The list of services that the federal funds will help bolster in the states receiving the funds is extensive. Some of them include:

  • Vocational rehab services, mental health and development disability assistance, Medicaid support, and independent living centers and organizations in the community that also help disabled workers return to work

Along with Social Security’s Ticket to Work program, disability beneficiaries will have improved opportunities to start working again and earning more money than their benefits may be providing. Have you had any experience working with Social Security programs to transition back into work after suffering a disability? Our Tulsa SSI lawyers would like to hear your success stories.

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