Government Funding For the Disabled at Its Lowest Level in Decades

According to DisabilityScoop, total government spending on individuals with developmental disabilities has declined for the first time in decades.

DisabilityScoop reported that when adjusted for inflation, government funding fell 0.2 percent in 2011, compared to the year prior. The article used information produced by the University of Colorado. Researchers told DisabilityScoop that this is the slowest growth rate documented in the last 35 years. “Of the funding distributed nationwide that year, about 20 percent went toward programs providing family supports, employment services, personal assistance and similar aid,” the website reported.

Sixty percent of the funding went to residential settings for six or fewer people, according to DisabilityScoop, while 5 percent went to people living in homes with seven to 15 residents. Most of the funding came through the Medicaid program in 2011, the University of Colorado found, while the rest came through the Social Security Administration (SSA) and state agencies.

This is unfortunate news for people who suffer from disabilities and need support services, although it should be noted that Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments remain sound. Most SSDI recipients earn between $300 and $2,200 per month depending on their work history. To see your earnings and work history, you can check your annual Social Security statement.

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