Frustration Leads Disability Applicant to Turn to Violence

One Michigan man decided he had enough of the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) regarding his disability applications. Now, the 47-year-old faces prison time and a criminal record as a result of his frustration and violence against his local SSA office. Disabled workers interested in filing for Social Security disability applicants may speak with a Tulsa Social Security disability attorney to learn more about the process.

The man had been seeking disability benefits for six years. Long waits and a complicated process are nothing new, as all disability applicants having been facing these problems for years. Applicants who are successful with their first application still take several months to begin receiving benefits. Those who must appeal usually wait more than a year. The Michigan man decided he had waited enough and rammed his van into the front of the SSA office. He told reporters that he did it as a result of years of the government’s failure to help him out.

The man ran over the office’s sign and then backed into the front entrance of the building twice before he left his van. The office opened for business as normal the following day, but visitors now have to enter through an employee entrance while repairs are underway. The man faces charges of malicious destruction of property and is out free while awaiting his next court date.

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