Filing for Social Security Disability, Two Ways to Speed Up Your Claim

According to the PR Web, the Social Security Administration is facing a large case backlog, due to the struggling economy and increased numbers of new SSDI applicants. The continuing rise in claims causes delays for the agency, which may result in your personal claim taking a long time to process. It is important to handle your Social Security Disability Insurance claim with care, as it may help avoid unnecessary delays and speed up your disability benefit approval.

List down all the healthcare professionals you have seen in regards to your disability condition. List down hospital, emergency room or doctor visit dates. Secure medical records from those healthcare professionals, as your SSDI claim’s approval will be based on medical opinion’s. It is good to obtain all supporting medical evidence and submit it with your SSDI claim. A disability examiner will review the claim and supporting medical evidence in the file in order to make a decision. Sometimes disability examiners are not successful in obtaining medical records, so they make a decision based on the information collected. Do not count on the examiner to obtain all medical records for your case, be proactive and make the best case possible which will increase your chances of getting a speedy approval.

If you are not sure how to go about retrieving medical records, contact a Social Security Disability Income representative who can assist you in contacting healthcare professionals and obtaining the necessary records to support your claim.

Additionally, do not delay in responding back to all Social Security Disability letters and notices. The agency will not wait on your reply – sometimes it can be a simple question or a request for a document that can make a world of difference in your claim. Some official notices require some type of a response with time constraints. Replying quickly with requested information may mean the difference between a denied claim and an awarded SSDI claim.

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