Facebook to Clean Up Disability Hate Speech

According to the DisabilityScoop, Facebook will begin removing hate speech on its platform in an effort to appease disability advocates.

The news outlet reported that Facebook has acknowledged that it needs to do more to monitor hate speech on user pages and will begin removing postings. “Many in the disability community have long complained about Facebook pages featuring questionable content and misappropriated photos of those with disabilities,” DisabilityScoop reported.

Hannah Jacobs, a New York City mother of a teen with intellectual disability, told the news outlet that she has flagged pages with names like “I Am Retarded,” “I Hate Fat People in Wheelchairs” and one called “Retards in Cages”, which feature controversial humor.

“It’s a little like playing Whac-A-Mole. One group down, two more pop up,” said Jacobs who runs a nonprofit dedicated to promoting fair representations of people with disabilities to DisabilityScoop. Jacobs said that users can tag content as hate speech “targeting people with a disability or disease” when reporting questionable material, but Jacobs says that the system is flawed, according to DisabilityScoop, which said response times are “very slow”.

In an announcement, Facebook said that it will update guidelines and train workers to monitor reporting content deemed “cruel or insensitive”.

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