Expedited Benefits: Speeding up the Application Process for Veterans

On Wednesday, we discussed the difference between filing for Social Security disability benefits and VA benefits for US military veterans. The process of filing for Social Security disability benefits has been known to take years, especially if you are denied benefits and go through the appeals process.

However, there is a way to expedite the process for veterans. If you can provide evidence that your disability is connected to your military service, you may be able to receive your benefits decision earlier. If this applies to you, then you should fill out a form called the 1-2-1-95. Exhibit – Critical Request Evaluation Sheet. In essence, it states that your disability, or at least an aspect of it, was caused by a service casualty. This provision is only available for veterans involved in active military service after October 1, 2001.

Additionally, a VA directive issued in 2008 requires VA medical staff to provide veterans with the information necessary to make the strongest case for his or her disability to SSA. Both entities (VA and SSA) are designed to provide veterans with the help they need, and this directive is aimed at making it easier for veterans to move forward in the Social Security application process faster.

The Critical Request Evaluation Sheet may shorten the processing time for your Social Security application, but the medical documentation and additional information can still seem complex and overwhelming. A Tulsa SSDI attorney can help you understand what forms you need to fill out, as well as exactly what information you need to request from your primary care physician, specialists and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Contact a Tulsa, Oklahoma Social Security disability attorney for more information on filing for Social Security benefits. We offer free consultations, and do not charge a fee unless you are approved for benefits. You may also reach us by phone at (918) 587-0050.

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