Impersonating Government Officials is Dangerous and Detrimental

Some residents of Port Arthur, Texas may have recently been victims of criminals impersonating government Social Security officials. Individuals pretending to be with the Social Security Administration (SSA) approached individuals who receive disability benefits and told them they may be eligible for “Stimulus Package Benefits” or “Educational Credit,” both of which do not exist. Those accused of pretending to be SSA officials not only committed a serious crime, but they put taxpayers at risk and threaten a system that provides people with assistance they require.

These scammers may have convinced benefits recipients to disclose their personal information, including their Social Security numbers. This information was used to submit a fraudulent tax return, and the fraud victims as well as the suspects may have received IRS funds. This act of fraud was not only a serious crime, but also could put disabled people at risk of fines and legal trouble from the IRS. Additionally fraud against the SSA can jeopardize the benefits many disabled people rely upon.

Many taxpayers who receive disability benefits from the SSA may find the entire process confusing and complex. Scammers take advantage of this position and exploit disabled and elderly people out of the benefits they so desperately need. An attorney with experience in Social Security and the benefits process can help you understand your options fully and prevent mistakes that might make you susceptible to fraud.

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