Electronic Benefits for New Disability Applicants

For over a year now, anyone applying for disability benefits (or any Social Security benefits at all) has had to receive those benefits electronically. If you have been receiving benefits since some time before May 1, 2011, you still have a little bit of time left to receive paper checks, but everyone has to switch to electronic receipt by March 1, 2013. If you have questions about how any forthcoming changes will impact your disability benefits, you may wish to speak to a Tulsa SSI lawyer.

Two options for receiving Social Security benefits

You have two options to receive your benefits electronically. If you have a savings or checking account, you can to opt to receive your benefits through direct deposit. You just need your bank’s routing number (available on your bank’s website or from the bank itself) and your account number, and then your benefits will automatically appear in your account when you are due to receive them. Some of the advantages of direct deposit are that there is nothing to get lost in the mail and that you do not even have to make a trip to the bank once it is set up.

Some disability beneficiaries or retirees, however, may not have access to a checking or savings account. For them, the only alternative is to receive benefits via the Department of Treasury’s “Direct Express” card. The Direct Express card is a type of debit card, but you do not need to have a bank account linked to the card. The Treasury puts your benefits on the card on the day that you are set to receive your Social Security benefits. You can then use your card to withdraw cash or make purchases just as you would a typical debit card.

The Direct Express card comes with a few caveats, however, and, on Wednesday, we will discuss how disability beneficiaries and retirees who use the Direct Express card can avoid losing some of their benefits. If a disability has prevented you from working, give us a call at 918-587-0050 to learn more about what requirements there are to receive SSDI or SSI benefits.

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