Donald Trump Supports Social Security

According to The New York Times, a possible presidential candidate Donald Trump did not criticize Rep. Paul Ryan’s deficit spending plan but did find fault with its timing. Trump said that Ryan should not have put forth such an early plan, and that anyone who touches Social Security is in tremendous trouble politically.

Trump said if he does decide to run for politics, that he would do nothing to curtail benefits for senior citizens, whom he called the lifeblood of this country. Trump agreed with some of Ryan’s plan but disliked the timing, saying that a poker player should never put forth such an early plan.

The mogul considered running for president in 1999, and he supported two controversial proposals: one time tax of 14.25 percent on the wealthiest of Americans and a single-payer health care program.

Trump said the country was different when he made those two proposals. Trump suggested that if he does become president that he would leave Social Security alone.

The AARP, the influential group of older Americans, may be siding with Donald Trump. Recent ad campaign comes several weeks after Democrats said they feared the advocacy group had gone silent by the Republicans and the GOP’s probe of its activities and finances. The AARP’s ad defends the Social Security program, saying that workers have worked hard their entire lives, paid their dues and earned a little peace of mind. The group warned Americans that the Congress wants to make harmful cuts to the Social Security program, calling it their way to cut into Americans’ benefits so Washington can pay its bills.

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