How Do Disability Wait Times Affect Your Family?

A family from Wellston was facing a disastrous holiday season this year. After living in their home for over a decade, they had gotten behind in their house payments. The family was looking at the possibility of getting evicted from their home just two days before Thanksgiving, which would have left the couple and their six children on the streets. However, the local community reached out to help save this family’s home with just a day to spare.

How Do Disability Wait Times Affect Your Family?

It was two years and 11 months ago when a local couple became disabled and were no longer able to work. The husband—a diabetic—had his leg amputated, and his wife was left unable to work due to her own illnesses. The two filed for disability, but the long process left them with almost no income as they waited for their benefits to be approved.

Eventually they fell behind on their house payments and the bank prepared to auction their house, but local television station News 9 picked up their story, and in a matter of hours the family had enough money in their GoFundMe account to save their house from auction. It was a narrow escape from eviction, especially considering that only days after Thanksgiving the husband’s disability benefits finally came through, and the family will now be able to keep up with their house payments.

Is There Any Way To Speed Up The SSDI Process?

Unfortunately, families fall victim to the long appeals process for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income often. Complex rules and vague application questions can leave applicants mired in mountains of paperwork, and it can take months to get a hearing to straighten everything out. In some cases, it can take over 20 months—like it did for this Wellston couple. However, having an attorney at the beginning of this process may help keep your case from being bogged down.

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