Could My Disability Prevent Me from Going Back to Work in the Future?

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Is a drilling contractor in Oklahoma stopping people with disabilities from going back to work? According to Tulsa World, an Oklahoma drilling company is facing allegations that it discriminated against job applicants who had previously filed disability claims.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission brought the allegations against the drilling contractor, claiming that the company violated disability and age discrimination laws. Reportedly, the violations took place during the hiring process. The drilling company is accused of infractions such as making notes on potential employees’ applications regarding their previous workers’ compensation claims, disabilities, age and family medical history.

Can I Go Back to Work After I’ve Collected Disability Benefits?

In most cases, people with disabilities are not able to work due to their disability. Even for those who are legitimately disabled, it can be difficult to prove that their disability is preventing them from holding any type of job. That is why many people’s applications are denied when they apply for Social Security disability benefits. If you can work in any capacity, it will be extremely hard for you to collect disability benefits.

However, if you have or are collecting Social Security disability, it does not mean that you can never go back to work. If you find a job that you can do despite your disability, you are allowed to go back to work. Just know that if you do, you will more than likely no longer be eligible to collect disability benefits.

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