When Are My Disability Benefits Going To Be Re-Evaluated?

You did it! You finally managed to secure benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA)! It was a long and hard road—it may have even taken over a year to achieve—but just because you have benefits now doesn’t mean your benefits can’t be taken away later. Every few years your disability status will be reviewed, and you need to know what to expect to make sure your benefits aren’t in jeopardy.

When Are My Disability Benefits Going To Be Re-Evaluated?

For most beneficiaries, you will have to go through what the SSA calls a continuing disability re-evaluation, or CDR. This will happen every three years unless you are over the age of 55 or have a condition that is unlikely to improve. If you are over 55 or have an intractable condition, then you will have a CDR every seven years until you reach retirement age.

How Do CDRs Work?

These CDRs often work just like your initial application process to receive benefits. The SSA will look at your post determination medical records, and look for improvements to your condition—the SSA may even ask a physician to examine your current condition. If your condition has improved enough for you to return to the workforce, then your benefits will be stopped, but the improvement of your condition is not the only determining factor in your CDR.

If you earn more than $1,130 per month—or $1820 per month if you have a visual impairment—then you could be seen as earning a substantial wage. This could mean that you no longer qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, and your benefits could be stopped.

The best thing you can do when it comes time for your CDR is to cooperate with the federal authorities, and remember that most beneficiaries don’t lose their benefits. However, if your benefits are taken away, remember that you can appeal the decision and request a hearing before an administrative law judge. If you have more questions, ask them on Facebook and Twitter.

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