Disability Benefits for Children Can Also Help Families

In addition to its regular Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) program for adults, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) also operates a children’s version of SSI. In 2009, 1.2 million lower income children received benefits through the program. Last year, that number rose slightly to 1.24 million. The SSA awards nearly $10.3 billion in SSI children’s benefits a year now. More information on the variety of disability benefits available from the SSA is available from a Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer.

Some members of Congress are targeting the rise in SSI benefits to disabled children, fearing that it has become a new type of welfare for low income families. One Massachusetts representative has spoken of school officials in low income, urban areas telling him that workers often urge families to label their children as disabled so that they can receive SSI benefits.

The SSA itself is hoping to improve the program. Its commissioner recently remarked that the children’s SSI program is “seriously flawed” and supported studies as to the program’s efficiency in delivering disability benefits to those truly in need. Investigative journalists have reported on children continuing to receive benefits even though they should no longer qualify, as well as teens who turn down work in order to continue to receive SSI benefits.

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