Degenerative Disc Disease Patients Can Qualify for SSDI Benefits

According to the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability, lower back pain is one of the most common health problems. Lower back pain is often related to disc degeneration, where pain radiates from the lower back, often due to aging of the spinal discs. Those suffering with disc degeneration should see a doctor and begin an early medical documentation to help establish a Social Security Disability Insurance benefit claim.

Chronic reoccurrence of pain, such as that from degenerative disc disease, can lead to loss of work, reduced mobility, severe pain, increased need for pain treatment and medical treatment, and reduced quality of life, according to the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability.

Patients seeking medical treatment for disc degeneration complain of hip, groin and leg pain, with intense flare ups lasting for days. Those bad days can lead to exacerbated condition when an individual tries to work, stand, bend and other movements. As pain is a significant factor of this condition, it can often lead to permanent disability.

The Social Security Administration has a listing for degenerative disc disease and provides specific criteria that must be met to qualify for SSDI benefits. It is extremely important to let a doctor know about all discomfort experienced due to the disease and if pain symptoms are affecting daily life. Also, it is important to keep good documentation of all doctor’s visits and track the effect symptoms have on work and every day life.

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