Compassionate Allowances Lead to Quicker SSDI Benefits

The Social Security Administration uses the term “compassionate allowances” for a group of medical conditions that qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits at a quicker than normal pace. These conditions, the SSA determined, are so serious that the government needs to provide benefits to such sufferers as soon as medical information establishes the existence of the qualified medical condition. SSA began the compassionate allowances program in October of 2008, and a Tulsa Social Security disability attorney can provide assistance when considering applying for the program.

SSA recently held its seventh compassionate allowances public hearing. Each hearing’s aim is to gather medical experts in order to determine any additions to the list of medical conditions that qualify for the fast-tracked Social Security benefits. There are currently 88 conditions that qualify under the compassionate allowances program, with the list expected to grow to 100 by the end of the year.

Qualifying under compassionate allowances can be a great relief to patients, enabling them to receive benefits to treat their conditions as quickly as possible. In 2010, over 100,000 disability applicants qualified under the program and received its perks. As with all Social Security disability applications, the compassionate allowances applications requires the submission of a complex application. A Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer can help applicants maximize their chances of qualifying under compassionate allowances.

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