Are Childhood Cancer Survivors More Likely to Receive SSDI

Are you a childhood cancer survivor? Recently, Science Daily had an interesting report about how childhood cancer survivors are more likely to enroll in Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) later in life due to issues with their health. Photo of enrollment form

According to the news outlet, most children with cancer survive their illness—it is estimated that 80 percent survive now due to advancements in treatment and care. However, many face future health challenges as they receive a second diagnosis in adulthood or other medical complications.

Interestingly, a study conducted by the University of Utah indicated that childhood cancer survivors, diagnosed between 1970 and 1986, are more than five times as likely to have been enrolled in the SSDI program compared to individuals without a cancer history.

“The long-term impact of cancer can affect other issues besides health outcomes,” said Anne Kirchhoff, Ph.D., a lead author of the study, according to Science Daily. “We need to do a better job of helping people function throughout their lives, not just when they’re finishing their cancer therapy.”

To read about the study, you can click on the source link below. Researchers found that of the 698 childhood cancer survivors they studied, 13.5 percent had been enrolled on Social Security Income (SSI), while 10 percent had been enrolled on SSDI. This is a far greater rate than the general population.

How Can I Obtain Social Security Benefits?

If you suffer from cancer or other ailments that leave you unable to work, you should speak to a disability attorney. In order to collect SSDI benefits, you must prove that your disability leaves you unable to work, may result in death and/or is expected to last for longer than a year.

For more information about the SSDI eligibility requirements, you can visit our Social Security FAQ page. Follow our social media pages for more information about Social Security news.

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